What was that movement you just caught from the corner of your eye? A bump under the carpet that seems to pulse and move? Could it be animal? Vegetable? Mineral? Monster? Or all of the above? If you want to find out what's under the carpet, you will have to peel that shag right off the tack-board and take a peek. That is ... if you dare.

Take turns playing cards to create pairs of Harmless Creatures, such as bird and nest, teeth and gum, and fish and seaweed. But be careful, each Harmless Creature has a Pesky Critter archenemy; The Elephant has its Rat; the Seaweed has its Lawnmower; the Nest has its Ax.

You may slip cards under the carpet. And when someone draws the What's Under the Carpet card, the fun begins. Peel up the rug to see what lurks beneath. Good cards help you to create pairs; bad cards take out Harmless Creature cards. You may even pick up a Popcorn Explosion card to take out another player's chances to make a pair and win the game.

Whoever has the most completed pairs at the end of the game wins.

What's Under the Carpet comes with 112 cards and a really cool piece of shaggy carpet!

What's Under the Carpet Contains:

  • 112 cards
  • Instructions
  • And a really cool piece of shaggy carpet
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