Trash War


Cry havoc and let slip the junk-yard dogs of war!

What goes on in the junkyards when nobody is around? After the metal crushers shut down and the land movers roll back into their hangars, after the underpaid employees clock out and call it a night, that's when the knights arrive, dressed in shimmering armor, impassioned with chivalry and a taste for war. It is in the junkyards where these warriors find the tools for battle. And in the landfills, legends are born.

Dressed in shimmering armor and armed with catapults, makeshift weapons, and plenty of trash artillery, Trash War, a card game of medieval junk-yard combat, pits players against each other in a land-fill battle arena. This fast-paced game moves away from traditional turn-based play. Players follow the action, forming alliances and gutting out grudge matches while attempting to destroy each other's rampart walls.

"Trash War is the funnest game I've played in years. My kids ask to play it every night. We are addicted."

- Jared Hess Writer/director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre

"Hucking garbage has never been this much fun."

- Jerusha Hess Writer/Director of Austenland, co-writer of Napoleon Dynamite

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2016-06-10 - "Trash War brings together exciting gameplay, novel mechanics, and a hilarious theme into a vibrant game that will return again and again to the tabletop." ... read more
- Jeff Provine, (Author at

2016-05-25 - "Trash War is the funnest game I've played in years. My kids ask to play it every night. We are addicted."
- Jared Hess (Writer/director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre)

2016-05-25 - "Hucking garbage has never been this much fun."
- Jerusha Hess (Writer/Director of Austenland, co-writer of Napoleon Dynamite)

2016-04-21 - "A fast-playing, crazy-themed game that breaks out of both the plodding take-your-turn logic of resource management and the rolling of massive amounts of dice. Quick, colorful fun!"
- D.J. Butler, (Author & Acquisitions Editor at WordFire Inc & WordFire Press)

2015-04-20 - Trash War was one of the games we launched with, and easily the best received game in our inaugural box. Speaking personally, I love the madness of the theme. The game doesn't even try to justify it, but it fully embraces it with amazing art. On top of that, it's a fun game, one that works with 2 players but shines with 4.
- Ryan Costello (Blind Ferret/Board Game Bento)

2015-04-20 - Boom! I have attacked you with a moldy refrigerator! Quick! Get out something to burn it with! Oh, no! A gigantic couch laden with a family of - ahem - oversized people! INCOMING! This game is such fun. Not only is it totally unique - not everyday you toss a three-eyed mutant rodent at your loved ones - but it's easy enough that kids as young as seven or eight can easily get the hang of it. It's got an interesting twist on turn-based gaming, too: you get to attack whoever you want, including the person who just attacked you. This adds a whole new layer of strategy, because you don't know whether it's going to pay to be ruthless, or nice. Either way, everyone knows talking trash is fun... but TOSSING trash is better still!
- Michaelbrent Collings (International Bestselling Author in 40+ Countries.)

2015-11-20 - "The concept behind this one is a bit odd: medieval knights battling in a junkyard by throwing trash at each other. It's strange and silly and fun. We got a lot of laughs just from the artwork on the cards. ... We had a lot of fun with this one." ... read more
- The Lady Nerds

2015-06-08 - "Fun and quick card game to fill in an end of game night fix or to take to the restaurant to play with the kids. The art is great to boot. Played it at Origins 2015 and snagged it right after. Well worth ~$15."
- Todd Heck (Board Game Geek Comments)

2015-04-24 - "My 7 year old son and I played this at SaltCON 2015 with the designer, Larry Nybo. Great game."
- Robert R (Board Game Geek Comments)