Shoot Your Friends (limited edition)

Shoot Your Friends (limited edition)

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Shoot Your Friends, the trigger-happy game of crazy-fast card play.


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  • ONE OF THE MOST ADDICTING FAMILY GAMES YOU WILL EVER PLAY! With lightning-fast game play and short rounds, it is easy to lose track of time.
  • LITERALLY A BLAST OF A GAME FOR ADULTS AND KIDS! Shoot Your Friends puts you across the table from your opponents with nothing between you but a double-deck of cards and a toy gun. Last man or woman standing wins.
  • Shoot Your Friends is a party in a box, one of the zaniest family board games ever
  • A HILARIOUS GAME THAT WILL KEEP YOU LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Games for families usually don't involve shooting each other. Shoot Your Friends says, ready ... aim ... fire. Let the FUN begin.
  • YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED A GAME LIKE THIS! When it comes to card games for kids and adults, slow is the rule. Not with Shoot Your Friends. It's BAM-BAM-BAM-LAUGH-LAUGH-LAUGH, lets play again, making Shoot Your Friends one of the most fun card games for families.

"Shoot Your Friends is a raucous, wonderfully surprising game that you'll be talking about the next day."
-Brian Tinsman, Lead designer on 7 Magic: The Gathering TCG releases

"Shoot Your Friends is a fast, frantic, silly, good time."
-Larry Correia, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Monster Hunter Series

For 2 to 5 Players, age 13 and up.

Board Game meets "High Noon": Shoot Your Friends comes with a high quality electronic toy gun and a double deck of hilarious cards.

Looking for one of the most fun games for families? Shoot Your Friends is a lightning-fast game that pits opponents across from each other with nothing but a toy gun and a deck of cards between them. Shoot Your Friends is a sure bet for your family board games list.

Be the first to create a lethal combination of cards on the table to become either the shooter or the shootie. To play Shoot Your Friends, you must have fast reflexes, quick thinking, and an itchy trigger finger.

There are no turns, making Shoot Your Friends a free-for-all as players use Character Cards to create lethal matches. When someone creates a match, everyone dives for the included electronic toy gun, and there's one sure bet; someone is goin' down.

The best board games and card games combine a good amount of skill and a little luck thrown in to make it interesting. Shoot Your Friends integrates both, which is exacty what makes Shoot Your Friends one of the most fun family games on the market. This quick-draw, slaphappy game brings smiles and plenty of laughter to the table, making it one of the best board games for adults and one of the best board games for kids.