Panic Fire (previously known as "Shoot Your Friends")


The trigger-happy
game of crazy-fast card play.

Panic Fire is a lightning-fast game that pits opponents across from each other with nothing but a toy gun and a deck of cards between them. Be the first to create lethal combinations of cards on the table to become either the shooter or the shootee. To play Panic Fire, you must have fast reflexes, quick thinking, and an itchy trigger finger.

Panic Fire comes with a deck of cards and an electronic toy gun — complete with laser site and silencer — that makes really cool sounds, everything you need to blast your friends into oblivion.

With easy-to-understand rules, you can go from box to party-time in minutes with Panic Fire, a 3 Headed Giant game.

"Panic Fire is a raucous, wonderfully surprising game that you'll be talking about the next day."

- Brian Tinsman, Lead designer on 7 Magic: The Gathering TCG releases
... see full review below

"Panic Fire is a fast, frantic, silly, good time."

- Larry Correia, New York Times Bestselling Author
... see full review below

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2016-05-25 - "Panic Fire is a fast, frantic, silly, good time. I have one teenage daughter who is a steely eyed gunslinger, but my wife keeps winning because she is a ruthless killing machine. Me? Sure, I spent my life teaching people how to shoot, but am a lumbering oaf at card matching, so I spend most rounds getting shot in the face by my children."
- Larry Correia, (New York Times Bestselling Author)

2016-04-21 - "Every card game should have hands that climax in a mad scramble to grab the weapon on the table. Endlessly replayable!"
- D.J. Butler, (Author & Acquisitions Editor at WordFire Inc & WordFire Press)

2016-04-20 - AN AWESOME GAME! How often do you get to shoot people for fun? Not in a lame, "shooting ones and zeros in a video game" kind of way, but in a much more satisfying "aim a gun at your loved ones and pull the trigger" way? Well, in this game you get to do so at last. Someone get on your nerves? BLAM. Spouse refuse to take out the trash? BLAM. Kid sass you? BOOM! This game is, in all seriousness, a lot of fun. No turns-based nonsense, this is a near-manic game where speed counts, and the only prize for second place is a quick bullet and a quicker death. This game is a hoot. Fun for the whole family - whether you like each other or not, you'll LOVE playing this game.
- Michaelbrent Collings, (International Bestselling Author in 40+ Countries.)

2016-04-20 - "This is a fun, fast game. It has enough skill and action to keep hyperactive people involved. It's short, so it is a nice side dish on any game night. Besides, who doesn't want a good reason to shoot their friends once in a while?" ... read more
- James Wymore, (Author and Acquisitions Editor at Curiosity Quills Press)

2016-04-20 - "This game is a huge hit in my house. My wife and I have two kids (9 and 7) and they both love it. The 7-year old struggles a little with the rapid pace of gameplay, but she is still able to keep up enough to enjoy it. One huge appeal is the game duration - since it only takes about 20 minutes, we can find time to play between other activities. Get this game!"
- Brandon Tucker, (Board Game Geek Comments)

2016-03-14 - "Panic Fire from the creators over at Three Headed Giant is a funny super-fast game where you will find yourself itching to get rid of the other opponents sitting at the table with you. " ... read more
- Dungeon Crawler's Radio

2015-06-08 - "My son (11) absolutely loved this game. Lightning fast card matching game with a very nice quality toy gun for effect. Rounds take about as long to play as they do to deal out. The gun makes for a nice centerpiece and is a high quality game component (makes sounds and has a functional silencer) but the fancy gun makes this a pretty expensive game for what it is."
- Simon Toth - (Board Game Geek Comments)

2015-06-06 - "Great party fare. It gets people moving and yelling. The gun is a very well made component (light, sound, sliding action, scope)."
- Dexter Gray - (Board Game Geek Comments)

2015-01-02 - "What's wrong with those guys at Three Headed Giant Games? They've managed to make a funny, light-hearted game about murdering each other. Panic Fire is a raucous, wonderfully surprising game that you'll be talking about the next day. The huge toy pistol included in the box is enabled with sound effects that enhance the action - and there's a lot of action. I've never had so much fun with pretend execution-style homicide."
- Brian Tinsman (Lead designer on 7 Magic: The Gathering TCG releases)