Monkey Beak Games - Game List

Frog Pile
Gentlemen, fire up your frogs. Players use sticky-tongued froggy toys to pick up fly cards and other items in an attempt to become the top swamper in this manic, fast-play, frog adventure game. Learn more.
Hamster Treadmill
In this mad-cap maze of gears, cogs, and conveyer belts, players race their hampsters through a direction-changing maze to gather golden pellets to win the race. Learn more.
A card game of sandwich building fun. Try to build the perfect sandwich while spoiling your opponents' ingredients with the Oogies, a pesky bunch of food-spoiling monsters. Learn more.
Whats Under the Carpet
A card game of under-the-rug mystery and fun - Avoid the pesky critters and help harmless creature friends get together. Learn more.