A card game of
sandwich-building fun.

It takes an artist to build the perfect sandwich. Can you be the first to collect and stack fresh ingredients into a hoagie masterpiece before the Oogies, a gang of pesky, ingredient spoiling creatures, destroy your fixings?

Hoagie matches players in a goofy kitchen adventure to create the perfect sandwich while spoiling other players' ingredients with the Oogies.

Hoagie is great for the whole family, simple to learn, fun to play.

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2016-05-19 - "With its speedy pace and simple rules, it is perfect for families with young gamers. The replay value is high, and the rich theme of sandwich making with slipped-in some gross ingredients will make it a favorite of game night." ... read more
- Jeff Provine, (Author at blogcritics.org)

2016-04-21 - "Every game night, my kids try to talk all the grownups into playing Hoagie. And as often as not, they succeed. This game is hilarious and disgusting by equal measures!"
- D.J. Butler, (Author & Acquisitions Editor at WordFire Inc & WordFire Press)

2016-04-20 - "My third favorite lunch, now a wacky card game!" ... read more
- James Wymore, (Author and Acquisitions Editor at Curiosity Quills Press)

2015-04-24 - "I've played this with little kids, teenagers, and a group of adults. All three instances were successful and fun."
- Robert R (Board Game Geek Comments)

2015-06-29 - "The game is simple but not redundant (One page of rules and two steps per turn). We played 3 rounds (Me, the 8 year old and the 13 year old) then 2 more when my wife got home. The play is a lot like the Wiggles tv music. Its not terribly heavy or thought provoking but there is nearly no chance you as the adult will never want to do it again. I could have played it several more times last night. My little one loved 'sticking it to me' when I was close to a win and she thwarted me. Good game for those with kids, good replayability (even with adult eyes.)"
- Todd Call (Board Game Geek Comments)

2015-06 - "While the demo seemed deceptively simply, when you add kids to the mix it becomes an absolute blast! The devilish glee in their eyes while they ponder what gross things to do to the other players food takes me straight back to my elementary school days." ... read more
- The Goblin Guy