Build the Perfect Band to Become Top Rocker

While your friends wasted time on paltry endeavors such as getting good grades, preparing for college, holding down jobs, and listening to the man, you answered a higher call: the call of ROCK! After spending every waking hour of your formative years learning to play, it's time to cut the apron strings and strike out. Question is: do you have the CHOPS to become a superstar?

Hire musicians, build bands, and play gigs for cashola and, even more importantly, BUZZ. But be careful, Rock can be dangerous.

CHOPS comes with a game board, 112 hilarious cards, plenty of rock and roll cashola, a whole slug of BUZZ guitar pick game pieces, and a rule book.

Lets face it, everyone wants to be a rock star. Now you can live out your rock and roll dreams with CHOPS, a 3 Headed Giant Game.

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