13 ghosts live in the Thornhill, victims of the devastating fire that happened so long ago. As a ghost hunter, you welcome the chance to stay in the ghostly orphanage. Will you be the one to finally put the children to rest? Or will the malevolent child spirits drive you insane?

The Thornhill Mansion holds many secrets. Just before the turn into the 20th century Irwin Biddle purchased the house and turned it into what he called an orphanage care facility. But his severe governorship of the orphanage made the home for lost children anything but a haven. A fire in 1939 nearly destroyed the Thornhill Mansion. All but 13 children escaped the blaze. It wasn't until 1956 that Arthur Holland, a mining tycoon, purchased the Thornhill and footed the bill for a full renovation. However, it became clear within weeks of moving his family into the Thornhill that the Victorian mansion was far from settled. Holland's personal account of his family's stay in the Thornhill tells of unexplained children's voices, the sounds of little feet running through the night, of moaning heard inside the walls, even of parts of the house shifting. After leaving the Thornhill, Holland declared, "The place is a house of the dead. No sane person can live well within its walls."

Children Contains the Following Components

112 cards divided into the following decks

  • 13 Ghost Cards
  • 13 Toys Cards
  • 18 Mansion Cards
  • 68 Children Cards
  • 4 Player Pawns
  • 12 Extra Action Skulls
  • 1 Kitty Kitty Figurine
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