Meaningful Family Time With Educational Kids Games

mom_daughterWe live in a time of distractions and noise. In today’s world, it is difficult to carve out enough time to make family a priority. Kids these days spend an average of six hours a day in front of some kind of digital screen (Childwise report, 2014). It seems that children are raised on digital devices even from a very young age. Educational kids games might be the answer.

It is important to remember the significance of face-to-face, human interaction. Many researchers suggest that excess time spent watching television and playing video games has had a tremendous impact on the attention spans in young children.

Educational kids games, particularly board games, offer a solution to this dilemma. There are several benefits to playing board games, foremost being human interaction. Children need quality time with loving role models. By sitting down and playing an educational kids game with your children, they can learn deductive reasoning, the qualities of both winning and losing gracefully, and the patience required to puzzle out problem-solving strategies.

The research shows it. In one study, kids with learning disabilities were assigned either 5 hours of math studies or 4 hours of math and one hour of chess. After a few weeks, the students assigned a mixture of chess and math showed more improvement on basic math skills (Scholtz et al 2008).

In another study, researchers had preschoolers play “number line” board games. Such games require players to move pieces through sequences of numbered spaces. Before and after the study, researchers gave kids a series of math problems. The kids who played the games showed superior improvement on math skills.

But educational kids games do not need to be as hard-core as chess, mastermind, or math intensive games. Any board game that uses deductive reasoning, counting, or even light reading can go to great lengths in improving the development of children, not to mention tightening family bonds. Games can be purchased from any good game store for a modest price. Each game becomes an exercise for children in skills that translate into practical thinking and enhanced development.

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