• Games Are Worth the Price Tag

    family_playing_togetherIt’s easy to visit a game store, pick up one of those colorful, inviting boxes, look at the price, gasp, and put it back down on the shelf. Quality tabletop games can cost anywhere from $25 to $80 depending on the pieces included, development time, and brand. But when you truly consider the numbers, not to mention the game’s social value, it becomes clear that, no matter what the price, games are worth it. Continue reading

  • Reaching Beyond the Streamed Movie to Amp Up Your Party

    gamearama, quirky engine entertainment, game recommendationsWith the tabletop gaming market exploding by more than 20% each year, it might pay to see what all the fuss is about. The fact is: people love playing tabletop games. Families have bought into the idea by purchasing more games every year. But when it comes to friend get-togethers or even couples gaming nights, one walk into a game store can evaporate the idea that the old standbys—Canasta, Hearts, Bridge, Boggle, Pictionary, and Scrabble--have been joined by hundreds of new options.

    Continue reading

  • Meaningful Family Time With Educational Kids Games

    mom_daughterWe live in a time of distractions and noise. In today’s world, it is difficult to carve out enough time to make family a priority. Kids these days spend an average of six hours a day in front of some kind of digital screen (Childwise report, 2014). It seems that children are raised on digital devices even from a very young age. Educational kids games might be the answer. Continue reading

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