• Q&A with Artist Mike Terrell


    1 ‐ What is your philosophy for creating game art?

    If I do have a philosophy, it’s not a very robust or expansive one. I wouldn’t even call it a philosophy, more like a set of guidelines that may or may not change from project to project. I will say game art should support the game. The art shouldn’t upstage the game, or feel like it’s in opposition to the gameplay experience. It should all work together. Continue reading

  • Eyeball Boxing Game Designer Larry Nybo Q&A


    1 - What was your inspiration for Eyeball Boxing?

    I am highly inspired by visuals or concepts where when the exact moment you see or hear it--your mind (almost on its own without conscious choice) is branded with a distinct memorable impression. With this in mind, I began to visualize a game premise that would do this. I concluded the vulnerability of a stark naked eyeball getting directly, squarely, purposefully punched in the eye (itself) very much does this for me, and can be reduced down to two words "eyeball boxing." Continue reading

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