About Us

From Box to Party in Minutes 
It’s no secret that tabletop games have always been one of the best ways to bring people together. In this era of video games, social networking, and cell phone apps, it isn’t surprising that people crave human interaction. Growth in the tabletop game industry backs up this theory. ICv2, an authority on game industry growth, recently published a study that showed at least 15% increase for six straight years, peaking at nearly a billion dollars in 2015.

We Have Games for All Types of Players
Quirky’s staff loves to play games. We love games so much that we have decided to enter the market with gusto by pooling all of our resources and know-how into three product lines.

The game market is divided into different segments, younger players/family games, hobby games, and general interest party games. Hence, Quirky attacks the market from three directions all at once.

Monkey Beak Games
Monkeybeak Games

For younger gamers and families, we introduce Monkeybeak Games. Have you ever been trapped in a never-ending, mindless game with a group of kids with no hope of getting out any time soon? Monkeybeak Games breaks the monotony by releasing games that are both easy-to-play for younger players and fun for adults.

3 Headed Giant
3 Headed Giant Games
3 For players who like a little more strategy, we have 3 Headed Giant Games. These light strategy games offer fun for more serious gamers, but also appeal to a broader audience at the same time. With these easy-to-play, character driven games, 3 Headed Giant tends to keep the table laughing with fun art and well-tested game mechanics.

GameArama Games

We realize that character-based games aren’t for everyone. Some players love word games, party games, and trivia games. For such players, we introduce GameArama.  These general interest games are perfect for any family or friend get together, whether it be an informal night of gaming or a flat-out party game extravaganza.

Gangrene Games

Gangrene Games

The brand that started it all. The creators who brought great titles such as Shoot Your Friends and Trash War to the marked originally developed under the name Gangrene Games. Three criteria rest in the bedrock of Gangrene Games: 1) fast, enjoyable game play; 2) character-based games with personality; 3) sense of humor.


Unsurpassed in Quality
Quirky Engine Entertainment understands that it takes more than just shelf-appeal to keep games selling. Successful games draw players back again and again for night after night of fun.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to artwork, printing quality, easy-to-understand rulebooks, smooth and enjoyable game play mechanics, and, most of all, fun. Ultimately, word of mouth sells games. That’s why we start at the core, with a passion for creating top-notch, well-tested games.