3 Headed Giant Games - Game List

Become an intrepid ghost hunter as you visit the Thornhill Mansion, a haunted Victorian estate. Try to trap the 13 child ghosts who live there. But be careful, the children can drive you insane. Learn more.
Do you have what it takes to become the top rocker? Hire musicians, build bands, and play gigs for cashola and, even more importantly, BUZZ. But be careful, rock and roll can be dangerous. Learn more.
Eyeball Boxing
Put your dukes up and pass the mustard. There are two things in the world that matter to every eyeball: one is boxing; the other is making hotdogs. In the arena, all eyes are equal, hazel, green, brown, or even black and blue. But by either punching the lights out of the rest or building the perfect hotdog, only one eye can take home the prize. Learn more.
Panic Fire
The trigger-happy game of lightning-fast card play. Stand across the table from your friends with nothing but a deck of cards and a toy gun between you. The last man standing wins in this furious game of trigger-happy fun. Learn more.
Trash War
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents." ... - H.P. Lovecraft Learn more.
Trash War
Cry havoc and let slip the junkyard dogs of war. Put on your armor and wreak landfill mayhem with your friends in this card game of trash throwing combat. Learn more.